Social Justice and Peace

This committee is charged with the responsibility of guiding the parish in reaching outside of itself to offer assistance to those in need. It shall inform the parish community on issues in our cities, state, country, and the world that require our attention and direct our responses to prayer and action. These responses shall be guided by the teaching of the Church, which the committee will endeavor to study, understand and then teach the parish community. The activities that this committee oversees and/or supports include but are not limited to:

Food Collection
This is a simple ministry in that, as a parish family, we bring in food to be shared with those in need through the Botetourt Food Pantry, Botetourt Resource Center or St. Francis House. We also provide help with the distribution of this food as is necessary. Some volunteers deliver the food items to the agencies as it accumulates.

Haiti Twinning
Our participation in the diocesan twinning project shows our solidarity with the poor and keeps high our awareness of needs on the international scene. To date, our primary effort has been a monthly collection of money which we send to Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, our sister parish in Haiti. It is remitted by electronic transfer which eliminates the potential for it to be diverted as it enters the country and to end up in the wrong hands. The diocese organizes trips to Haiti for those interested in visiting our sister parish first hand.

Legislative Advocacy
This ministry requires that one keep up with the legal process and what is going on as far as new laws both State and Federal and to be able to inform the parish community.

Ecumenism Ministry
This ministry entails keeping in contact with other faith communities in the Fincastle area and providing information and opportunities for sharing of the faith with them. It also keeps in contact with the Diocesan Office of Ecumenism and participates in diocesan-wide activities. Through ecumenical efforts in the past, we have joined with local faith communities to present a joint Vacation Bible School based on our common Christian ideals, and we have conducted a joint Ash Wednesday prayer service with the Fincastle United Methodist Church.

Involves efforts to bring the RIGHT TO LIFE issues to the attention of the parish and the public. Keeping reliable resources available to those who are in need of accurate information, and advocating pro-life legislation in every political arena: state and federal.