Building & Grounds

This committee is charged with the responsibility of the care for the physical property of the parish. Please share your talents with this committee for the work gets done with more hands.  The activities that this committee oversees and/or supports include but are not limited to:

Church Cleaning:

Please spare some time for your busy schedule to support the cleaning of the church because unfortunately, the Angels are busy with other matters.  These volunteers vacuum floors, dust the pews, clean the carpets, clean and supply the restrooms, care for the plants and flowers.  Floors and doors are cleaned as needed.


Please talk with your family and see if they would like to take over a section of the grounds and maintain it.  Volunteers are given a section of flower beds to maintain as needed.  This is a wonderful family project!

Building and Grounds Maintains:

We oversee that needed repairs are taken care of and performed by the proper people.


Night Watch:

The church needs to be checked at night.  Volunteers are needed to stop by and make sure the doors are locked and the lights are off.